AHSO development started in 2015. In 2018, however, through the ORION project (funded by European Joint Programme for One Health), the entire structure of the ontology was reviewed.

A top level structure following BFO (Basic Formal Ontology) was set, to maximize compatibility with ontologies in the OBO Foundry (http://www.obofoundry.org/), and allow reuse of them. Content then started to be added to the ontology based on data samples within the One Health surveillance domain, according to the following steps:

1) Picking concepts from the data samples that needed to be added to the ontology (reviewing surveillance data samples and surveillance resources);

2) Reviewing other OBO Foundry ontologies to investigate if the concept already existed - if yes, then the concept was imported.

3) Where needed, new concepts are added using the convention AHSO_00000XX.

The addition of new concepts to the ontology is always reviewed with domain experts in public, regular webinars.

In the pages within this chapter, we document the agenda and decisions taken in each of these webinars, chronogically, telling the story of how the ontology was built.

AHSO top level based on BFO

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