AHSO Project description and Supporting Resources

The first chapter gives detailed and up to date information regarding the project.

Navigate through the other chapters to understand what ontologies are, how they can contribute to animal health surveillance, and any other theoretical background that can help those who want to stay involved in the AHSO project, or similar projects of ontology development.

ONTOLOGY HOME: datadrivensurveillance.org/ahso (IRI: https://w3id.org/ahso)

Bioportal page: http://bioportal.bioontology.org/ontologies/AHSO

For codes, you can also visit the project page on Github.

Full documentation of all classes and properties can be found here.

A list of all open issues and desired next steps can be found here.

You can contact us at ahso@datadrivensurveillance.org.

For other resources on data-driven surveillance, please visit


This "book" is intended to serve as a repository of resources for those interested in the AHSO project. Remember that it is an open book - discussions and contributions are welcome!

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